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White Paper FAQs

What is a White Paper?

The Scientific American Consumer Health White Papers are a series of disease-specific publications targeting consumers with chronic conditions who want comprehensive information to better manage their disorder. The White Papers offer information on 14 different health challenges, such as heart disease, hypertension, nutrition and arthritis. Every White Paper is prepared in consultation with one or more medical specialists. Each title presents a thorough overview of the condition it covers-from symptoms to diagnosis to treatment. The White Papers include summaries and feature articles covering highlights of the year's research as well as a glossary of medical terms. New, updated editions of each White Paper are released each January and sold throughout the year.

Has anyone really been helped by a White Paper?

Yes. According to the results of a survey taken of White Paper subscribers during the fall of 2010, 65 percent of respondents said they purchased a White Paper to manage a particular disease or condition. Consequently, 53 percent said they had made changes to their lifestyle because of what they had read. Nearly 20 percent said they had seen a doctor for a specific medical concern. Twenty-one percent said they had started or stopped taking a supplement; 25 percent asked their doctor about making a change to their medication; and 20 percent had a diagnostic or screening test. Six percent underwent surgery.

Can't I get all of this information online?

The advantage of subscribing to the Scientific American Consumer Health White Papers rather than searching online for your health information is that you have all of your reference material compiled in one place. The information is easy to access, highlight and take with you to a support group, a family member or friend, or your doctor's office. To find information online requires time, patience and Internet skills you may not possess. You may need to navigate through hundreds-even thousands-of articles to find exactly what you're looking for. You will have to figure out on your own which materials are written by reputable, credible sources. And you must print the articles yourself and keep hold of them or risk forgetting how to find them again when you need them. With the Scientific American Consumer Health White Papers, you know you're getting accurate, quality information

Why are the White Papers updated annually?

Having a chronic health condition means being constantly alert to advances that may affect your treatment. Staying on top of these advances and determining which are relevant to you is a daunting challenge. With the Scientific American Consumer Health White Papers, you can rest assured that the year's most important advances are captured in one convenient location. Because the White Paper serves as a reference piece, you can turn to it repeatedly throughout the course of the year knowing that it has been updated to reflect these advances.

Why are White Papers sold with annual renewal benefits?

A pro-active approach to your health and longevity is why Scientific American Consumer Health White Papers are designed to be sold as a subscription with annual renewal benefits. Think of the White Papers as an inexpensive form of "personal health insurance". And, with our annual renewal benefits, your "insurance" will never lapse! You are always covered. And remember, you are NEVER UNDER ANY OBLIGATION and may cancel at anytime.

I have not received the White Paper I ordered. What should I do?

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My White Paper was damaged and I would like it replaced.

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