Why you should say "NO" to sex the night before your PSA test ...
... and other things you probably don't know about your prostate health, but should!


  • No matter what your prostate problem may be ...
  • No matter if you've been diagnosed with prostate cancer ...
  • Even if you think your prostate's just fine for now ...


Here's vital information you simply can't afford to ignore.


Introducing ...
The 2015 Scientific American

Prostate Disorders White Paper


Did you know...

Having sex within 72 hours of your PSA test can produce a false reading?

Erectile dysfunction can be a symptom of prostate cancer?

By age 70, the average man's prostate has doubled in size.

Early detection of prostate cancer is a KEY factor in treating this disease successfully.

Being fully informed is also important -- and that's where The Prostate Disorders White Paper comes in.

It's your all-in-one comprehensive guide for everything you need to know about your prostate. From what it is and what it does, to what problems can develop and what to watch out for.

You'll learn key facts about prostate health, and the signs and symptoms that something might be wrong. Discover treatments you never knew existed. And understand what your options are if you're ever diagnosed with prostate cancer or another prostatic condition common to men as they grow older.

The Prostate Disorders White Paper is published as a means of sharing everything we know about conditions of the prostate in significant depth, yet in layman's language.

Prostate disorders experts and doctors review the major medical journals, clinical trials and research studies, and bring this cutting-edge health information straight to you.

You won't find a more comprehensive, authoritative and reliable source than this for the vital information every man MUST have!

Highlights of The Prostate Disorders White Paper include:

  • Ask the doctor: Does having a vasectomy increase prostate cancer risk?
  • A high-tech alternative to conventional biopsies.
  • What your Gleason score really means.
  • 5 questions to help you decide if active surveillance is right for you.
  • What's next after prostate cancer treatment ends? A road map for the future.
  • Clinical controversy: When is the best time to begin advanced prostate cancer treatments?
  • BPE: Could sleep problems be a cause of your urinary troubles?
  • Three-pronged therapy shows promise for chronic prostatitis
  • What's your Prostate Symptom Score?: Calculating whether you need treatment for BPE
  • New research: Prostatic embolization shows promise for BPE

But that's not all. You'll also find "Ask the Doctor" columns in The Prostate Disorders White Paper, the same questions that are on YOUR mind now as you're trying to make the best decisions possible about your prostate health, including should you have a PSA test?

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The new, updated Prostate Disorders White Paper is designed to help you become better informed and better prepared to deal with whatever prostate problem you may have now, or may develop in the future.

You'll learn to...

  • Recognize and respond to symptoms and changes as they occur.
  • Communicate effectively with your doctor, ask informed questions and understand the answers.
  • Make the right decisions, based on an understanding of the newest drugs, the latest surgical techniques and the most promising research.
  • Take control over your condition and act from knowledge rather than fear.

In this 86-page White Paper, you'll receive...

  • A thorough overview of the condition, its causes and symptoms...
  • Treatment options with an expert recommendation on each...
  • Groundbreaking new research and a review of the latest studies...
  • Drugs used to treat the condition, with precautions on avoiding harmful side effects...
  • A glossary of medical terms you need to understand...
  • A listing of health information organizations and support groups...

...and more.

In The Prostate Disorders White Paper, you'll learn:

  • Key facts about your prostate, what it is and the role it plays in your overall health
  • The signs and symptoms that something might be wrong
  • How prostate cancer is diagnosed; what you need to know about:
    • The PSA Test
    • The Digital Rectal Exam (DRE)
    • Your Prostate Biopsy and Gleason Score
    • The newest tests for diagnosing prostate cancer more accurately than ever before
  • The latest treatment options available to you if you have prostate cancer, an enlarged prostate or prostatitis
  • Prostate disease prevention strategies
  • Key research and studies on prostate cancer and BPH (also known as BPE)
  • Where to get further support and resources

Thanks to this special offer, you'll receive both the digital AND print editions of The Prostate Disorders White Paper for only $19.95 -- that's a 50 percent savings off the regular $39.95 cover price. And your purchase comes with a full money-back guarantee.  If you're not satisfied with The Prostate Disorders White Paper for any reason, simply return the White Paper within 30 days for a full refund. But keep the Health Tips Prostate Power as your gift just for reviewing the white paper.

"Why worry about my prostate health now?" you might ask. Some experts believe that EVERY man will develop some degree of prostate cancer if he lives long enough. Autopsy studies have shown microscopic evidence of prostate cancer in 15-30 percent of men over the age of 50 and in 60-70 percent of men who reach age 80.

But don't let that statistic scare you. The reality is that fewer men are dying from prostate cancer than ever before.

And the next generation's risk is decreasing all the time. New statistics tell us that a male born today has a 15 percent chance of being diagnosed with prostate cancer at some time in his life, but just a 3 percent chance of dying from the disease.

Plus, you'll also get Prostate Power FREE, yours to keep even if you decide to return The Prostate Disorders White Paper for a full refund.

Scientific American White Papers Prostate Health Tips Cover

Prostate Power: What Men Must Know NOW

Prostate Power is yours FREE just for ordering The Prostate Disorders White Paper.  In this invaluable Health Tips, you'll find answers to crucial questions like:

  • Are you at risk for prostate cancer? Knowing these facts will help protect your prostate.
  • Where can you turn for help with sexual function problems?
  • How can you make an informed decision when doctors don't agree on which prostate treatments work best?
  • What does it mean when you see blood in your urine?

All this, and much, much more -- Health Tips is yours Free and available as an instant PDF download when you purchase The Prostate Disorders White Paper.

If you've recently been diagnosed with prostate cancer, you'll find The Prostate Disorders White Paper to be an invaluable resource for understanding and evaluating your treatment options.

You'll receive detailed descriptions of the three most common treatments: radical prostatectomy, external beam radiation therapy and brachytherapy. Understand what they are, how they are performed and the advantages and disadvantages of each.

You'll also learn whether your PSA and Gleason score make you a candidate for active surveillance so you can maintain a high quality of life without the often irreversible side effects of certain prostate cancer treatments.

You'll learn the most common side effects of each of the prostate cancer treatments detailed in this comprehensive White Paper.

You'll understand how doctors predict the seriousness of a cancer diagnosis, and how you can work in conjunction with your doctor to know all your options and decide which treatment is best for you.

You'll even learn how your doctor determines the extent of your cancer, and what the treatments and prognosis are for each stage of prostate cancer.

All in The Prostate Disorders White Paper -- available to order now!

Learn what it means when you have to get up frequently at night to urinate...

What it means when it hurts to urinate or ejaculate...

Why your persistent lower back pain may be due to your prostate, rather than back strain or injury...

Rely on The Prostate Disorders White Paper to help you understand:

How prostate problems and treatments can affect sexual function...

The three kinds of prostate trouble...

The different kinds of prostatitis...

What actually causes an enlarged prostate...

Study the detailed color illustrations and comprehensive charts and tables in The Prostate Disorders White Paper, including:

  • An up-to-date 2015 chart of medications used in the treatment of benign prostatic enlargement, including information on how the drugs work, special instructions for taking the medications and possible side effects.
  • An illustrated chart of the stages of prostate cancer. This chart explains the TNM staging system used to describe a cancer's clinical stage, or how far it has spread.
  • A chart of prostate cancer mortality rates 10, 15 and 20 years after radical prostatectomy.
  • An up-to-date 2015 chart of the medications used in the hormone treatment of prostate cancer.
  • The NCCN Risk Classification and Management chart that's used by physicians to help choose the correct prostate cancer treatment.

And these are just the highlights. Each chart and illustration is designed to help you gain a greater understanding of the vital information presented in The Prostate Disorders White Paper, so you can make the best decisions about your health care.

About Scientific American -- Experts in Science, Technology and Health

Science is at the forefront of advances in the understanding and treatment of prostate disorders and other serious diseases. At Scientific American we are uniquely qualified to identify emerging trends in the field of medical research and communicate these findings to you. Our broad international reach enables us to deliver to our readers scientific developments in medical research as they happen and to explain how these advances will impact the health and condition management of our readership.

You can count on the White Papers to bring you medical information that is trustworthy, impeccably researched and current.

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Then take this test...

True or false? Prostate cancer has a stronger hereditary component than breast and colon cancers.

True or false? Lifestyle choices may be able to modify the effects of the genetic cards you are dealt at birth.

True or false? Deaths from prostate cancer vary from region to region in the U.S.

True or false? The most reliable way to detect prostate cancer in its early stages is to combine digital rectal exams with PSA testing.

True or false? Doctors believe that the overall PSA level may be less important than the rate at which the PSA level rises.

Okay, let's see how you did. The answer to each of these questions is -- TRUE. Each question is taken from the pages of The Prostate Disorders White Paper. In it, you'll also learn what you can do to help protect yourself from prostate cancer:

    • Exercise helps, especially in older men. Learn how men 65 and older were able to reduce their risk of advanced prostate cancer by nearly 70 percent.
    • Foods that may reduce your risk of prostate cancer.
    • How excess weight can increase your risk of prostate cancer.

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If you've just been diagnosed with prostate cancer...

If you've been struggling with prostate cancer treatments and their side effects...

If you're having problems urinating, or you're doing it too often at night...

If you're not sure if you should have your PSA levels tested...

Even if you're sure your prostate's doing just fine...

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Prostate Health Tips:
Prostate Power
What men must know NOW

  • Are You at Risk for Prostate Cancer? Does a vasectomy raise your risk? Recent research has begun to identify possible risk factors while ruling out others.
  • Getting a Second (Third, Fourth) Opinion: How can you make an informed decision when doctors don't agree on which prostate treatments work best and tend to recommend their specialty? Prostate cancer experts tell you how to get a balanced view of all your options.
  • Finding Help for Sexual Function Problems: Treatments for prostate cancer can cause erectile dysfunction. We help men find effective treatment so they don't need to suffer from this potentially life-altering condition.
  • When You See Blood in the Urine: What does it mean? Should you be alarmed? Learn about the many factors that can cause this, and how to get an accurate diagnosis.

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