Presenting the latest thinking on restoring erections after radical prostatectomy, plus answers to dozens of questions from patients on sexuality and prostate cancer


Restoring Sexual Intimacy After Prostate Cancer Treatment

Restoring Sexual Intimacy

After Prostate Cancer Treatment


From the desk of Jacek L. Mostwin M.D., D. Phil. (Oxon)
Professor of Urology
James Buchanan Brady Urological Institute

First you suffered the shock of your prostate cancer diagnosis. Then treatment -- radical prostatectomy.

Now it's several months since your prostate cancer surgery and you're starting to worry.

While your physician assures you that your prognosis is excellent, with each passing week it becomes increasingly obvious that you are not able to achieve an erection.

While nerve-sparing radical prostatectomy has significantly improved the likelihood that you will regain erectile function, it might take a while. For 60 to 85 percent of men, the average wait is about 18 months. For some men it can take two years or longer.

Now the good news: Successful treatments for erectile dysfunction (ED) are available -- and we can help you learn about them. 

If you're struggling with ED, you need the most current, trustworthy information on your treatment options, so you can make informed decisions about your sexual future.

That's why my fellow prostate cancer specialists and I have written Restoring Sexual Intimacy After Prostate Cancer Treatment. It contains vital information you won't find in any other single source.

REAL questions from REAL patients

For every man who is worried about the possible loss of erections after a prostate cancer procedure ... for every man who has already lost his ability to have an erection ... for every partner who ever wondered what to do.

Restoring Sexual Intimacy After Prostate Cancer Treatment is designed to explore the full range of your treatment options -- cutting edge therapies, such as effective oral medications, injection therapy, penile implants, and more.

And we include dozens of real questions from prostate cancer patients -- the same questions that are on YOUR mind now as you struggle to overcome ED.

We don't mince words. Talking about sexual function may have been taboo in the past, but you'll find that Restoring Sexual Intimacy After Prostate Cancer Treatment is fresh, frank and direct.

Here are just a few of the important patient questions we answer in detail:

  • When can a man expect to have a hard erection following a radical prostatectomy?
  • Following prostate cancer surgery, can a man achieve orgasm without an erection?
  • Are oral medications such as Viagra, Levitra, and Cialis effective for men who have erection difficulties following prostate cancer surgery? What's the right dose? What if the erection medication isn't effective?
  • Why is there a delay in complete return of erectile function following prostate cancer surgery?
  • Is everyone a candidate for oral erection medication?
  • What is vacuum erection therapy (VED) and how does it work?
  • What about injection therapy? Isn't it difficult to persuade a man to inject his penis?
  • What is MUSE and do you recommend it?
  • What happens if an erection will not go down after 90 minutes and you develop priapism?
  • How does an inflatable penile implant work?
  • What are the pros and cons of the penile implant?
  • Why is the SHIM [Sexual Health Inventory for Men] score important as a predictor of ED recovery?
  • When intercourse is no longer possible because of ED, what are the best ways to initiate change in one's sexual relationship?
  • What is the role of intimacy in a satisfying sexual relationship?

If you don't know the answers to all of these questions, you owe it to yourself to order a copy of Restoring Sexual Intimacy After Prostate Cancer Treatment NOW.

Restoring Sexual Function - With Confidence

What if you haven't yet had surgery? How do you plan for your post-surgery recovery? If you're like most sexually active men facing radical prostatectomy, you'll want to know when you'll be able to have sexual intercourse after the operation.

In Restoring Sexual Intimacy After Prostate Cancer Treatment, Dr. Trinity J. Bivalacqua, Associate Professor of Urology, Surgery, and Oncology at Johns Hopkins, talks about potential sexual issues following prostate cancer surgery.

Erectile medication ... injection therapy ... penile prosthesis. Dr. Bivalacqua discusses these current treatment options, as well as new and exciting erection therapies now in the pipeline.

Why and how does the penis get shorter following prostate cancer surgery? What can be done to prevent penile shortening? When should a man consider a penile prosthesis? Dr. Bivalacqua addresses these and other important questions, focusing on the needs and concerns of you, the patient.

Take the DRUG Challenge

Are you a Viagra "failure?"

When it comes to ED, many men think you simply take Viagra and voila -- an erection! The truth is that these meds do nothing to increase sexual desire. They enhance performance once sexual desire has been aroused.

How does that happen? In Restoring Sexual Intimacy After Prostate Cancer Treatment you'll learn how Viagra, Cialis, and Levitra trigger an erection. Experts explain the importance of sexual stimulation, proper dosing, and "setting the mood."

QUESTIONS & ANSWERS About Sex & Prostate Health

Many men are uncomfortable about talking openly about sexual concerns. That's why we've included an extensive section of real-life questions from patients about sexuality and prostate cancer. It reads like a private conversation with a trusted doctor. Here's a short list of topics we discuss:

  • Viagra Dosage - 100 mg doesn't work, should I try two pills?
  • Viagra and Stomach Distress - I like Viagra better than MUSE, but my stomach hurts. Any way to get around this?
  • Libido Issues After a Radical Prostatectomy - Is a low libido common after surgery?
  • Viagra and Benign Prostatic Hyperplasia (BPH) - Is it safe to take Viagra if you have BPH?
  • Ejaculate Discoloration - Is a pinkish ejaculate a sign of infection?
  • When To Start Injectable Erectile Dysfunction (ED) Medication - I've tried drugs with no success, when is the right time to try injectible meds?
  • "Bent" Penis - Should I be concerned that my penis is bent?
  • Peyronie's Following a Biopsy - Will my penis shrink after prostate surgery?
  • Pain at Orgasm - Following my radical prostatectomy, I began to have pain upon orgasm. What can I do to relieve it?
  • Sex and Prostate Cancer Risk - Can frequent sex reduce the risk of prostate cancer?
  • Bicycle Riding and Erectile Dysfunction - Does riding a bike lead to ED?
  • BPH and Erections Problems - Is my ED caused by BPH or flomax?
  • Libido and Prostate Cancer - Is there a relationship between high libido and prostate cancer?
  • Proscar, Avodart, and Prostate Cancer - Does Proscar cause more aggressive prostate cancer?

All this information -- and more -- is covered in Restoring Sexual Intimacy After Prostate Cancer Treatment, available now as an instant PDF download for $49.95. Remember, this Special Health Report comes complete with a full money-back guarantee. If you are not satisfied with the in-depth information in this special health report, simply contact Customer Service for a full refund, no questions asked.

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Remember: You are NOT alone in your struggle with ED. Your diagnosis of prostate cancer was shocking. But it does not have to be devastating. We know you have dozens of questions. Restoring Sexual Intimacy After Prostate Cancer Treatment has the answers.

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