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Using Pain Relief Patches Safely

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Posted in Prescription Drugs on January 6, 2009
Reviewed September 2011

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MY ADVICE.... DON'T LET THEM START YOU ON FENTANYL PAIN PATCHES. My husband was placed on these for treatment of pain due to his hips. #1 when you want to quit taking this drug without you knowing you will be completely addicted and go through withdrawls comparible to heroin; so you won't be able to "do it alone". #2 you will build a tollerance to it quickly so the benefits slowly wear off leaving you in pain; but addicted. 3# if you take any prescription that has an effect of tiredness, sleepiness, or warnings not to operate or drive; you will need to have a party drive with you or you will end up with narcolepsy fall a sleep at the wheel and if you don't kill anyone or yourself will end up lucky like my husband and walk a way from hitting a tree head on at 55 mph 15 minutes before grade school children are to be at the point of impact. RE-THINK BEING PLACED ON THIS DRUG; THERE IS A LOT OF INFO THE HEALTH INDUSTRY HASN'T AND WON'T SHARE; YOU WILL HAVE TO DO YOUR OWN RESEARCH WHICH I STRONGLY SUGGEST SO YOU CAN WEIGH OUT THE BENEFITS AND RISKS.

Posted by: DawnServant | January 10, 2009 3:51 PM

My daughter has been on the patches for several years and is doing well with them. Anyone using them should be monitored monthly or at least every 2 months by a doctor specializing in treatment of chronic pain. Her pain is the result of a back surgery that didn't work and she will probably take meds of this sort the rest of her life.

She does have trouble with sleeping, but then she is also a nurse who works 7p to 7a. Many have sleep problems who work this shift.

Posted by: bonnylucy | January 15, 2010 7:04 PM

im just seeing this article and I also was on them for almost 3 years .. they worked great and I started getting more of a normal life back if you wanna call that until one day .. I started getting violently sick and I do mean violently .. so ofcourse the Dr's did everything possible to find out what was wrong with me and told me to keep the patch off ... By a few days I couldnt move anymore .. then I got a phone call and found out that the patches had a recall on them for a pin hole in them so here I was getting 3 days worth of fentynal in the first few hours :( Yes being poisoned :) After they exchanged my patches for a different lot my Dr's decided to change the patches and started me with Fentynal lollipops instead and to use them only when the pain was unbearable along with the other meds Im on and that was now over 3 years ago .. Now im in Canada and I know they arent available here yet (I think they are just being approved now)but I was getting them from some of the Dr's in the US that teamed up with my Dr's here in Canada .. Now my pain is chronic and after having many many surgeries the pain never went away so this is something I live with everyday and deal with .. I try to have a some what of a normal life and the lollipops I only use for breakthrough pain or in between my other meds till they kick in to give me some relief and mostly at nights when I wake up vomiting from the pain being so severe ... my pain never goes away its a continued pain 24/7 and has been since my car accident .. To this day with the Dr's that have been taking care of me still dont understand why and how this happened and how to treat this .. SO if any Dr's see this post and want to give me some input or even contact my Dr's and find out more about my injury or if you have any suggestions I would be soooooooooooooo grateful to you all and I'm sure as would my Dr's ...This type of injury is very rare as they are working with Dr's across the world in trying to find a cure or even a treatment for me but so far no luck ... I've tried everything possible out there and nothing has worked for a long period of time :( by miracle I hope someone out there has the same injuries maybe just maybe there could be someone out there that might know what this is and how to make my life a little pain free HEY I'd be happy being pain free for at least 24 hours ;( The last time I was pain free was in 2000 when they first tried out BOTOX and I finally thought I had my life back no more pain ..every 3 months Id have my injections and I was great again till I built a resistance to it and didnt work anymore ... Been off BOTOX now for almost 7 1/2 years .. I knew right from the start it wasnt a cure but for me it was having my life back and being a wife and mom again and getting back to my career ... it was short lived but all worth it .. SO please any suggestions or your input I would so appreciate it

Thanks Mary

Posted by: Mishee | December 9, 2010 7:07 PM

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