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How Safe Is Crestor?

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Posted in Heart Health on February 16, 2007

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I have been on Crestor fo about two years now. I had no problems on 10mg but have been on 20 mg for about 8 months and am getting some extreme discomfort and swelling in muscles in my feet. I ran out of crestor for about a week and the symptoms subsided but within two weeeks of being on it again I have experienced severe pain and swelling again. I have been trying CoQ10 with some apparent relief. As a test, I was off of CoQ10 for two weeks and the symproms got much worse again. They have sibsided somewhat after using the CoQ10 again but it is not a cure.

My doctor seems to just brush it all off but since I am not as affected by any type of pain as most people are I am getting concerned. I have read about side effects like mine being a warning of possible muscle reaction leading to deterioration of the muscle tissue and further negative effects after my body works to absord the damaged tissues. I do not know how reliable the articles are that tell this worrisome story but I need some answers.

Posted by: Emurider | January 22, 2012 1:44 AM

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