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Managing RA fatigue

Although fatigue associated with rheumatoid arthritis is one of the most common symptoms of RA—as many as 80 percent of sufferers experience fatigue, according to some estimates—it also remains one of the most elusive to treat. More...
Posted in Arthritis on October 5, 2015

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Herniated Disk: Know the Symptoms

Pain due to a herniated disk usually strikes suddenly. The person may “feel something snap” before the pain begins. The pain may start as a mild tingling or a “pins and needles” sensation before increasing in severity. More...
Posted in Back Pain on October 2, 2015

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Learning to Overcome Persistent Anxiety

We all experience anxiety from time to time. Some people, though, are in a constant state of excessive and persistent anxiety. Their worrying is often out of proportion to the actual likelihood or impact of the feared event. If this sounds like you, you may have what’s called generalized anxiety disorder (GAD), the most common anxiety disorder among older adults. People with GAD typically agonize over everyday concerns, such as job responsibilities and finances or even… More...
Posted in Depression and Anxiety on September 22, 2015

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From Research: Managing Prediabetes Cuts Heart Risks, Too

People who make lifestyle changes to prevent prediabetes from progressing may also lower their risk of dying of heart disease years down the road. More...
Posted in Diabetes on September 24, 2015

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Is Drinking Water Key to Preventing Kidney Stones?

There’s good evidence to suggest that staying well hydrated does indeed help prevent kidney stones. More...
Posted in Digestive Health on September 3, 2015

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Fast Facts: How BPH Develops

BPE occurs to some degree in 80 percent of men, but only about one-third develop lower urinary tract problems significant enough to require treatment. More...
Posted in Enlarged Prostate on September 29, 2015

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Trouble Swallowing Pills? Try These 7 Tips

One tip: Don’t throw your head back when swallowing. This action stretches the esophagus and makes it harder to swallow. More...
Posted in Healthy Living on September 28, 2015

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Drug Interaction Can Trigger Dangerous Heart Arrhythmia

Mixing certain hepatitis C drugs and the arrhythmia drug amiodarone can lead to a life-threatening heart rate. More...
Posted in Heart Health on September 18, 2015

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New, Stronger NSAID Warning from the FDA

Nonaspirin NSAIDs can raise heart attack and stroke risk in people with or without cardiovascular disease, especially when taken in higher doses. More...
Posted in Hypertension and Stroke on October 7, 2015

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Building a Better Flu Shot

Amid criticism for last year's flu shot, this year the CDC has taken steps to avoid a repeat of the 2014–2015 flu season by producing a broader version of the vaccine to better match circulating viruses. Even so, there’s no guarantee that this year’s vaccine will be effective against all strains. More...
Posted in Lung Disorders on October 9, 2015

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Losing a Loved One: How to Cope with Complicated Grief

For some people—including 10 percent of bereaved women older than 60—feelings of loss don’t improve over time. For individuals experiencing what’s called complicated grief, traditional grief counseling doesn’t always help, and experts are investigating other emerging types of therapy to relieve prolonged grief, with some success. More...
Posted in Memory on October 8, 2015

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Is the Food Network Making You Fat?

Both cooking from scratch and following recipes from cooking shows were associated with an increased body mass index (BMI). More...
Posted in Nutrition and Weight Control on September 9, 2015

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Vegetarian? Make Sure You're Getting These Bone-Building Nutrients

A vegetarian diet can be an excellent choice for overall health, and eating a wide variety of fruits and vegetables supplies many of the nutrients your bones need, including magnesium, potassium, vitamin C and vitamin K. Still, a plant-based diet may be deficient in bone-essential nutrients. More...
Posted in Osteoporosis on September 14, 2015

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Age, Race, Family History and Prostate Cancer: The Basics

Studies of identical and fraternal twins have found that prostate cancer has a stronger hereditary component than many other cancers, including breast and colon cancer. Having one first-degree relative (a brother or father) with prostate cancer doubles the risk of developing the disease; having a second-degree relative (an uncle or grandfather) with the disease confers only a small increase in risk. More...
Posted in Prostate Disorders on October 6, 2015

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Can You Prevent Cataracts?

Because smoking contributes to the risk of cataracts, stopping the habit is a vital step in cataract prevention. Other measures, such as taking certain medications or vitamins, are less certain. More...
Posted in Vision on September 30, 2015

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