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Corticosteroids For RA: What's Safe?

Prednisone and other corticosteroid drugs are sometimes used to ease rheumatoid arthritis (RA) symptoms, but they carry a strong risk for serious side effects. A recent study in Arthritis and Rheumatology helps clarify what dose may be safe in the short- and the long-term. More...
Posted in Arthritis on May 27, 2015

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Kick Low Back Pain To The Curb

Here’s the good news about acute low back pain: It usually goes away on its own, with little or no intervention. But if you're looking for a way to ease your pain in the interim, try these 5 tips. More...
Posted in Back Pain on May 22, 2015

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The Latest Cancer Prevention Strategy: Weight-Loss Surgery?

New research reported in Obesity Surgery shows that bariatric surgery may reduce the risk of cancer in morbidly obese patients (BMI of 40 and above), although the “how” is not yet clear. More...
Posted in Colon Cancer on May 25, 2015

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How Effective Is Botox In Treating Depression?

More than half of participants who received Botox experienced a reduction in depressive symptoms, and the rate of remission was almost one-third. Still, the treatment is considered experimental. More...
Posted in Depression and Anxiety on May 19, 2015

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Managing Blood Sugar: When Injections Don’t Work, A Pump Could Be The Answer

About 30 percent of people with type 2 diabetes fail to achieve healthy blood glucose levels despite using multiple daily insulin injections. According to an international team of researchers, such patients might fare better by using an insulin pump. More...
Posted in Diabetes on May 21, 2015

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Enlarged Prostate—Or Something Else?

The symptoms of benign prostate enlargement (BPE) can be very similar to other, more serious conditions. More...
Posted in Enlarged Prostate on May 26, 2015

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Erasing the Effects of Aging with Cosmetic Fillers

According to the American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery, Americans spent more than $2.7 billion in 2013 on Botox and injectable cosmetic fillers that smooth out wrinkles like crow's feet and laugh lines, minimize facial folds, diminish scars, plump the lips and cheeks, and fill in hollow areas under the eyes. More...
Posted in Healthy Living on March 25, 2015

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Good News for Patients With Sleep Apnea

Treating sleep apnea could bring you a better night's sleep -- and possibly a healthier heart. More...
Posted in Heart Health on April 17, 2015

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A Tailored Approach to Midlife Hypertension

How your brain reacts to high blood pressure depends largely on your history -- particularly if you had high blood pressure in middle age, according to a study of more than 4,000 people without dementia that was published online in the prestigious journal Neurology. More importantly, the findings underscore the need for a tailored approach to blood pressure management, as lower numbers may not always be best in some patients. More...
Posted in Hypertension and Stroke on March 31, 2015

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How Does Yoga Affect Asthma Control?

Findings from a recent study that combined and analyzed the results from 14 randomized controlled trials suggested that yoga, particularly forms that include breathing exercises, may improve asthma control, asthma symptoms and quality of life. But the authors stressed that the evidence of such benefits was weak, at best, and that yoga should not take the place of standard asthma therapy. More...
Posted in Lung Disorders on April 16, 2015

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Are Pesticides Causing Alzheimer’s?

A small study that compared the blood levels of DDE (a major byproduct of the pesticide DDT) in individuals with and without Alzheimer's disease found that levels in individuals with Alzheimer’s were nearly four times higher than in those who did not have the disease. More...
Posted in Memory on May 25, 2015

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Is Your Weight-Loss Plan Giving You The Most Bang For Your Buck?

Commercial weight-loss plans can help you hit your goal of shedding excess pounds, but they can also be costly. An analysis of comparative trials published in the journal Obesity looked at some commercial programs to find out which were the most cost-effective. More...
Posted in Nutrition and Weight Control on May 13, 2015

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Prostate Cancer Tumors More Aggressive, Recurrence More Likely in Smokers

Research has repeatedly shown the ill effects of smoking on health, and a recent study centered on men with prostate cancer further highlights the dangers of lighting up. (If you’re a smoker and have been diagnosed with prostate cancer, you’ll want to put down your cigarette for good….) … More...
Posted in Prostate Disorders on May 20, 2015

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Cataract Surgery Improves Vision In Those With Age-Related Macular Degeneration

Many individuals with age-related macular degeneration (AMD) have been counseled to avoid cataract surgery out of concern that it would accelerate AMD progression. But new evidence suggests that cataract surgery actually improves vision significantly among people with varying degrees of AMD. More...
Posted in Vision on May 15, 2015

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